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The files found here are regularly-updated, complete copies of the database, and those published before the 12 September 2012 are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license, those published after are Open Data Commons Open Database License 1.0 licensed. For more information, see the project wiki.

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Latest Weekly Planet XML File
87 GB, created 4 days ago.
md5: 4f800a1d7999c0ebfc6621bedf8fe77b.

Latest Weekly Changesets
3.2 GB, created 4 days ago.
md5: 57d87b4ecf9c5ba0daaf68a31420492a.

Latest Weekly Planet PBF File
50 GB, created 4 days ago.
md5: 25d4ef1b49d25bb22b7c0fcb51282c59.

Each week, a new and complete copy of all data in OpenStreetMap is made available as both a compressed XML file and a custom PBF format file. Also available is the 'history' file which contains not only up-to-date data but also older versions of data and deleted data items.

A smaller file with complete metadata for all changes ('changesets') in XML format is also available.

You are granted permission to use OpenStreetMap data by the OpenStreetMap License, which also describes your obligations.

You can process the file or extracts with a variety of tools. Osmosis is a general-purpose command-line tool for converting the data among different formats and databases, and Osm2pgsql is a tool for importing the data into a Postgis database for rendering maps.

Processed coastline data derived from OSM data is also needed for rendering usable maps, and can be found in a single shapefile (360MB).

The complete planet is very large, so you may prefer to use one of several periodic extracts (individual countries or states) from third parties. and are two providers of extracts with up-to-date worldwide coverage.

If you find data within OpenStreetMap that you believe is an infringement of someone else's copyright, then please make contact with the OpenStreetMap Data Working Group.

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